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South Africa is currently experiencing a major deficit in the number of mathematics and science learners entering the work arena and places of higher learning. This places a huge burden on development in environments crucial to our country and its inhabitants. As a result, technological advancement is hampered. It is therefore vital the systems be put in place which are able to address and rectify this current situation.

KW Academic Solutions is a provider of tuition in the areas of mathematics and science, and is able to assist learners in regaining their interest and improving their grades in these two subject areas. This is achieved by using a combination of resources which include the Platinum series of textbooks, appropriate online material and many in-house produced aids. All tuition is aligned with the CAPS curriculum as set-out by the department of basic education.

Learners can choose between a number of tutoring options within an environment conducive to learning. These include one-on-one or group tuition, or spending time utilizing self-study material in our computer lab. All learners are able to study and learn within an atmosphere where the distractions usually found within the class-room environment simply does not exist.

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