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Grade 12 Math – Some information on Inverse Functions

Inverse Functions is part of the CAPS curriculum for grade 12 mathematics and and is covered in functions. Students are often frightened by the term “Inverse Function”. Here is some brief information which could assist your understanding of this section of the work.


If you follow a few basic rules you sould be be safe:

  • start with your orginal equation.
  • swop x and y.
  • Solve for y.

This works for any function and its inverse.

Also remember that the inverse of a function is its reflection across the line y=x. For this reason when referring to the inverse function, some texts will speak about the reflection across the y=x line and do not necessary include the terms inverse function.

Another point of departure is that and every set of co-ordinates on a function will have a matching point on its inverse where the x and y co-ordinates of the function are switched around on the point on the inverse.


Here are a few PICS which might be beneficial.

Good luck with your understanding of functions and their inverse.



Keith Williams

Owner: KW Academic Solutions

15 February 2018


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